I can’t say I was astonished by the turnout of events yesterday when the Senate cleared Governor Whyguru of all wrong doing. She wasn’t obviously going anywhere with the solid backing of State Howz and Baba Rao himself. The very able Senate team declared her white as the wool of ‘sheep’ and instead pointed the finger elsewhere for the DCI to go sniff and fetch.

It is not fair to say that the MCA’S, who huddled and slept together in the county buildings, in order to rise early and impeach Whyguru represented the will of the people of Qirinyaga. It is definitely not rocket science that when these politicians start forsaking their humble abodes to sleep on couches in the office(this is a first one by all means), something is brewing. They are probably thinking with their stomachs. When the MCA’S managed to pull off this stunt Whyguru had them right where she wanted. The numerous prior attempts to overthrow her had made her, up her game apart from growing a thicker skin. All that remained was to separate the wheat from the chaff. Which the MCA’S did themselves, without any probing, ever so vividly on D-Day in front of cameras. Those allied to ‘Myguru’ were bundled in a heap and forcibly thrown out the gate. It was downhill ever since. Unbeknown to them the die had already been cast.

Fast forward to the Senate happenings. The confidence that Governor Whyguru exuded during the trial was second to none. The cartons of bulky documents delivered to the Senate committee as part of her defense served to bully and scorn her detractors. Maybe to prove her prowess and experience in these realms, Whyguru could be seen calmly passing time with a solitaire game. I mean who does that? It was like saying, get it over with! Who says it doesn’t pay to know who is who in this country? The Governor had it all covered. The addition of her husband in his professional capacity to speak on her behalf tells you the extent of seriousness this issue had been given. You can imagine the amount of time invested in making this narrative have a fairy tale ending.

In the dismissal of their more-like malicious application, the bad is on the MCA’S who delivered a half baked motion that could not stand the required threshold. According to the Senate, there was nothing linking the allegations to the Governor. No signatures or account deposits just flawed processes by county executive personnel working under her. So what was pushing these MCA’S to quickly oust her? Definitely there is more than meets the eye! Why not first accumulate enough evidence before moving forward? Were they merely crying wolf? It is sad that they couldn’t discern that what they delivered was a still birth. I bet they cared less. What topped their agenda was to do the bidding of their master of the time. To prove they are for hire to the highest bidder, i wouldn’t be surprised if I saw them tomorrow on the news expressing their unwaivered, unfaltered support for the Madam Governor.

You can blame it on the dynamics of this new political dispensation. This new order is all about the numbers and whose side you fall on. You can be darker than sin yet viola,we can change you as white as snow. The people of Qirinyaga did the same thing. Didn’t they? One minute she is clean, the next she stinks. They will certainly get a chance to illuminate their thoughts next time they vote, that is if the Governor decides to run again. Although it’s more likely she forfeits this and gets a cabinet appointment, done with these shenanigans. Need I say why else WHYGURU is my guru! Next time I hear anyone saying she is corrupt, I will retort with a,”go tell it to the birds!”


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